The BREASTetics Concept

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The breast augmentation with silicone implants is worldwide the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedure.

Many women, who are not satisfied with size, form or symmetry of their breast, whether after pregnancy and breastfeeding period, weight loss or because of missing breast development, are concerned about scarring and therefore, look for a breast augmentation method, that leaves no visible scars.

For example, the striking scars in the inframammary fold bother many women that identify the breast as “operated”.

In several Asian countries, the endoscopic axillary method for breast augmentation has long been established with 80-90 % of applications and is superior to the classic approach via the inframammary fold incision (IMF).

The response to the demand for an enlarged, naturally looking breast without visible scars is called: HD endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation 3.0 by Klöppel.

We are the first center in Europe to specialize in transaxillary breast augmentation and offer exclusively the HD endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation technique 3.0 by Klöppel.

With our unique BREASTetics concept we want to reach all women who have the fervent desire for a beautiful, feminine and aesthetic looking breast without any disturbing and visible scars.

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Our BREASTetics concept:

Only the best
for our patients

BREASTetics stands for the highest level of competence, premium quality, high-tech methods and the best service around your endoscopic axillary breast augmentation in Munich.
Surgical know-how being based on more than 20 years of experience

Latest, minimal scar surgical technique
with high-quality endoscopic units of STORZ

Safest, high-quality premium implants
of the world market leader MENTOR

Constant further training on national and international trainings and congresses
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