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HD endoscopic axillary breast augmentation

The surgery thrives on scientific and technological progress. In fields of the breast enlargement there was further development in the last several decades. The transaxillary method is the only one which leaves the breast completely free of scars. In the past it was called the “blind technique”, but due to the use of the latest endoscopic technique with HD-screen technology along with high performance light sources, the transaxillary breast augmentation in munich became a safe and precise method.

Because of the high-resolution display of the single tissues and muscles it is possible for the surgeon to prepare the breast implant pocket perfectly and the implant can be placed precisely in the breast. Common misinformation that exist on the former transaxillary breast augmentation are a thing of the past.

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Sports after a breast augmentation with silicone implants is allowed 6 weeks after the surgery, at the least. It is particularly important that you will start slowly with your physical activity. If you don’t stick to the sporty break of six weeks, a shifting of the implants is possible, which requires a new surgery for a replacement of the implants.

You should wait with a specific muscular training or activities such as tennis at least three months. Only then, the implants are fix and the body has build a capsule to protect the implants.

After a breast augmentation, you should sleep for the first four weeks on your back, so that the implants cannot change their position. The special bra, that has to be worn up to 6 weeks after the surgery, supports the breast and prevents a possible shifting of the implants. In the first 5 – 7 days after the surgery, it is recommended to prop up your upper body when sleeping. Therefore, swellings and hematomas can sink lower and will be thus reduced. After the first four weeks, the patient is allowed to sleep on her side

After an endoscopic breast augmentation via the armpit, breastfeeding is still possible – regardless of the implant placement over or under the pectoral muscle. The mammary ducts, which lead to the nipple, will not be affected by this method. That is different from the periareolar incision along the areola, which could reduce the breastfeeding ability.

No, the experience of pain after surgery is mainly due to the stretching of the muscle and skin, depending on the size of the implant positioned underneath. As a general rule, one does not perceive the pain of the wound but mainly the stretching pain of the muscle and skin, so that the incision has usually no influence on the postoperative pain sensation.

A breast augmentation with silicone implants should not be underestimated. Especially in the first weeks, feelings of tension and pain can occur. But patients accept them gladly to fulfil their wish of a breast enlargement. In the end, a fuller, natural breast according to the wishes of the patient can lead to a totally new self-esteem and therefore to an increased quality of life. The inserted implants are often hardly palpable, depending on quality and gel cohesiveness of the implants. Additionally, the transaxillary endoscopic method offers a scar-free breast and so the surgery will not be seen.

Normally, after an endoscopic breast augmentation painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication are prescribed, because in the first days and weeks tensional pain in the breast can occur through the implant insertion. We recommend the concurrent intake of the painkillers Novalgin and Ibuprofen 600mg, which also has a decongestant effect. As a supplement the homeopathic substance Arnica Globuli can be taken in order to accelerate wound healing.

It is possible that silicone implants will change their position, and therefore the breast shape after the surgery. Only after six months it is possible to assess the result, because the breast is swollen in the first weeks and months and therefore the implants are in a higher position. A slight sinking of the implants after the swelling has subsided is completely normal and ensures a more natural breast shape.

It is not uncommon that a patient wants to have an additional surgery along with the endoscopic breast augmentation. The endoscopic breast augmentation is often combined, for example in the course of an extensive mommy makeover after pregnancies, with a liposuction and possibly with a treatment in the genital area. In general, every combination is possible, as long as it is reasonable for the patient. The decision will be made together with Dr. Klöppel during a detailed, specialist consultation.

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