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The relationship of trust to Dr. Klöppel was there from the beginning and I immediately felt comfortable. Due to the fact that the implants were inserted in the armpit, an incision on the breast did not have to be made. An important point for me was that the result will look natural. I am completely happy with my new breast.
Alina, 19
In many conversations, Dr. Klöppel tried to find out how I am as a person. Since I have my new breasts, I feel like a new woman. I have a totally different self-esteem and I behave quite different. On the whole, it was the ultimate thing for me to do. I am really satisfied with the result.

Mandy, 38
I always had very small breasts and additionally I exercise a lot, bodybuilding. That's why I toyed for a very long time with the idea of enhancing my breasts. It was important to me, that the result will be as natural as it could be and that no scars could be seen. It was a success, to 100 percent.

Tanja e1607442473353
Tanja, 24

I can only highly recommend this doctor with his wonderful team

12 years ago, I had my breasts enlarged from Dr. Klöppel. After I breastfed three children, the natural reconstruction was very important for me. Beforehand, I had consultations with several doctors, but I didn’t feel at ease with anyone of them.

Dr. Klöppel is very sensitive and the consultation was very thorough. For this consultation I am still grateful. All ran smoothly and today, after 12 years, I am still happy that I took the plunge.

The surgery was made endoscopically via the armpit, the scars are not visible to the naked eye, everything looks very natural what was important for me.

I can only highly recommend this doctor with his wonderful team.

Source: Jameda

Implant change through an incision in the armpit

Beforehand, I did some research about the different surgical techniques and thought about it what I wanted and how my new breast should look like. After a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Klöppel my decision for him and his team was immediately made. He performed more than 1.500 breast surgeries. I decided upon the transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation.

Dr. Klöppel is one of the few doctors who is a specialist in this field. I am very happy with the result, it is even better than I imagined it could be. I didn’t have any pain, I just had a small lump in my right breast and I was examined on the next day. Everything was okay and the lump was gone after 2 days of massage.

Many thanks to Dr. Klöppel and his whole team.

Source: estheticon

Dream result after a breast augmentation in the armpit

I had played with thought of a breast augmentation a long time and after some research and a couple of consultations I decided upon a breast surgery by Dr. Klöppel in Munich. On the one hand it was because he performs the endoscopic method in the armpit and on the other hand I felt well informed and enlightened after the consultation. Additionally, the relationship of trust was there from the start. At first I was a little bit unsure about the size, since I already had a B-cup and was very thin. My wish was a big C up to D and Dr. Klöppel advised me competently. It was important to me that the result would still look natural and would match my figure. And that’s exactly how it is. Due to the fact that the implants were inserted in the armpit, no incisions had to be made on the breast. I was totally happy with the entire surgical procedure as well as with the planning and the check-ups. I always felt at ease with Dr. Klöppel and his team.

The surgery was 3 months ago and I am still over the moon that I choose Dr. Klöppel and every day I am totally pleased with the great result.

I can only highly recommend the practice. Many thanks to Dr. Klöppel and his wonderful team.

Source: estheticon

Implant exchange through an incision in the armpit

My implant was damaged and had to be changed as soon as possible. Since the first surgery was in the armpit, I absolutely wanted this technique again to avoid further scars. Dr. Klöppel was the only physician who said that he could do this. All other physicians said that it was not possible, much too risky, etc. Although the surgery was complicated and took rather long (removal of the capsule, etc.) I felt good after I woke up – my compliments to the anesthetist of the iatros-clinic.

Dr. Klöppel answered in two consultations in details and patiently all of my questions and allayed my fears and worries. I also want to praise Dr. Klöppels staff. Dr. Metka and all the others are extremely competent, likeable, thoughtful and cheerful. And the practice is available around the clock, if problems should occur.

Meanwhile several months have passed. The result is perfect, looks natural and suits my type. As desperate as I was, when I learned about the damaged implant, so happy I am now with the result.

Very many thanks to Dr. Klöppel and his team!

Source: Jameda

I am more than happy with the result

From the start I always felt in good hands. Since I had a severe asymmetry and because of that it was a bit more complicated in my case, they informed me very thoroughly and I received an honest and competent consultation. It became a beautiful breast augmentation with the endoscopic technique, achieving a compensation of the asymmetry. I am more than happy with the result. I can only recommend Dr. Klöppel and his team with all my heart and being satisfied to 100 percent!

Source: Portal der Schönheit

Extremely happy with the transaxillary breast augmentation

In February, I had my transaxillary breast augmentation. The surgery went very well and I am extremely happy with the result. There were no problems and the scars are nearly healed. A great consultation is offered and you can feel at ease with Dr. Klöppel and in his practice.

I can only recommend this practice.

Source: estheticon

More than happy after transaxillary breast augmentation

I am more than happy with Dr. Klöppel & Kollegen. Since the first appointment my wishes were respected. I was advised very friendly and competent. When questions occurred, whether before or after the surgery, I could call the practice at any time. There was always somebody who took care of me.

On the day of the surgery I was informed once more about the procedure. All happened in a soothing atmosphere and the calm manner of the team allayed my fears.

This was also the case after the surgery when uncertainties occurred. I was not put off with phrases like “yes, watch it closely and call again when it gets worse,” I could drive to the practice at any time after checking up on the telephone where they looked after my “uncertainties” and if necessary treated them at once.

My surgery was3 months ago and ran smoothly. I have no problems, the result is top! I am very happy that I choose the transaxillary technique.

I can really only recommend Dr. Klöppel and his team.

Source: estheticon

Transaxillary breast augmentation with 375 cc after 5 years totally happy

My breast augmentation was 5 years ago and I am still loving it!

At the time, I learned everything about the transaxillary breast augmentation during the consultation which leaves the breast scar-free because the incision is made in the armpit.

I have drop-shaped implants with 375 cc which Dr. Klöppel chose during the surgery. Beforehand, we only agreed on a vague size because he asked whether it would be okay if he chose the implant size during the surgery since he could see it best then how big the implants should be match the body proportions. And I didn’t regret it one second” He just knows what fits”

I am still more than happy with the result!

If someone would ask me regarding a breast augmentation, I would always refer to Dr. Klöppel. Since I do not only think that he is a gifted surgeon but his personal manner and the contact with the patients are till today just great. A recommendation of 100 percent!

Source: estheticon

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