Endoscopic breast augmentation 3.0 by Klöppel – the high-tech method easily explained

03:27 min

The bodybuilder twins Ramona and Tanja speak about their endoscopic breast augmentation

8:42 min

How can a beautiful, natural, not operated looking result can be achieved after a breast enlargement with silicone implants?

1:07 min

Dr. Markus Klöppel – your specialist for the HD endoscopic breast transaxillary augmentation

3:36 min

HD endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation 3.0 by Dr. Klöppel – the surgery

4:07 min

Video on first-class breast implants of MENTOR

1:45 min

How do 9 year old MENTOR implants look like, if they are removed?

2:10 min

How does a leak-proof breast implant look like from the inside?

2:39 min

There are a couple of myths and false statements around the transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation. What’s behind all this? Dr. Klöppel will enlighten you.

02:44 min